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Paid for my product for a year and now the third month don't have my control panel. Opened a high-priority ticket and no response. Really not happy with this company. Probably not going to get my money any more.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 09 Mar 2015

Purple Legend

I used them starting January 2015 and they were doing a good job. Beginning of March it says account suspended for all their pages. No notification no answer to E Mails. If they are in financial problems they NEED to tell customers and rectify

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Mar 2015


I'm part of the hostgator/seohosting.com exodus. Since they got bought out, the service and support has gone down the crapper. HostSEO has been a god send. I use them for both EU & US SEO Hosting and love being able to manage my sites, that span different countries, from a single web host. I've only needed help once, but the time I needed it, they responded within a few minutes.

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Last reviewed on Sunday, 01 Mar 2015

Cirrus Hosting

Maybe a good choice for people from Middle East (Owners are from IRAN) but not for us in North America. FUNNY: they are very small and only 5 in total , no head office (that is why there is no specific address only a picture that they call it head office) No support no communication no any special offer now I know when I change my hosting company ,, what a waist of money and headache they were. no money back

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Last reviewed on Sunday, 01 Mar 2015

Action Web Hosting

I had many problems with this company. Also my referrals felt the same way. STAY AWAY FROM ACTION WEB HOSTING!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Feb 2015


I have tried many other So-called Best web hosting services like bluehost and hostgator but had worst experience with them. Checked out AskForHost as a test and now I host all my 10-12 websites and blogs on AskForhost since previous 1 year and never had a Problem. Highly Recommended Service.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015


I must say after switching to Hostforweb I have never been happier with my hosting. This is just awesome! Since the time I switched over to Hostforweb I have had no problems at all. Knowing that I can access this level of technical support, I am very pleased to have chosen their hosting service over the competition. So far The uptime has been better then they say it is and I've had nothing but the best technical support from...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015


Every site I go to, offers things that I personally dislike and have specs that are over the price and can't even run my server stabilized. Spent around $30 or less for this 2 gigs and 4 cores and yet, it couldn't run it. But when I came here to sinHost, this guy was pretty helpful and wanted to prove that his vps could handle the server needs, and it perfectly did. All the best to sinHost, I would definitely support sinHost...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015


Using toshost science January 2011. Very responsible customer service and promising quality hosting supposed me to make a long time relationship with Toshost. Sometimes I get more than what should I get. TOS HOST support system to truly awesome. Personally I am a big fan of toshost. I expect a very shiny future of Toshost and it's services.

Last reviewed on Monday, 09 Feb 2015


Worst server providers out there. Lost our IP and took them 2 days to restore services, now after a few days late invoice I come back of holiday to see they have deleted out entire server running SolusVM. All out VPS control was on it. They have caused thousands of dallars or damage...avoid this cheap crappy company

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Feb 2015

NETCreator Hosting

I moved my website from a VPS with 1 GB RAM and 2 CPU to shared hosting of NETCreator and it works great, without downtimes. The control panel is great! I am using the datacenter in UK. (Tired lots of hosting companies and now I found netcreator )

Last reviewed on Monday, 02 Feb 2015

Free Host Pros

Quick response from the support team when I had a question before I signed up, and they were able to solve it quicker than I could think of a way to say how thankful I was. Overall I ended up purchasing hosting from FHP and I so far am far from disappointed, I love it. Can't go wrong with cPanel, the best around, and if the support is this way all the time there will never be any problems!

Last reviewed on Thursday, 29 Jan 2015

Modern Host

I have used the VPS service provided by Modern.host during a couple of months now. The service have been running without interruptions and have worked smoothly all the time. The service is very easy to use since the admin section is not very complicated to understand and work with. Also the support has been very good. I have received answers quickly and the staff have never refused to help me out. Of the VPS services I have...

Last reviewed on Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Futured Hosting

Awesome!! After switching to FuturedHosting.com I realized how much was I duped by my previous hosting provider. Futured Hosting people are really giving me excellent service without any downtime. Their support team is always willing to help you without any delay and are available 24 hours a day. The service is very reasonably priced so you get full value for your money. Do check them out.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015


Our time with Deezon for past 5 years has been excellent. Top uptime, support and reliability. They know how to handle corporate customers and keep up with their growing demands. We highly recommend Deezon for enterprises and businesses worldwide that require web hosting solutions for mission critical projects.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015

Hosting IO

This is the best host.they help everytime i need help they service is fast and they set me up with my small host site.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015


I had made the mistake of buying for 3 years.Even though the service was cheap, the reliability is a nightmare. The uptime of the server has been sketchy at best it completely vanishes. For the past months it had been vanishing for 2-3 days a week. And when the servers were down so were their own servers and support. Emails bounced and all hell broke lose. Looks like this server is hosted in some guys bedroom in some remote...

Last reviewed on Monday, 12 Jan 2015

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