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HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I've been waiting like 6 months on a reply and phone calls, this hosting is a joke and not at all secure!!! Bunch of kids busy messing with other peoples websites when they were not ever asked to do most of what they do. I've lost backups, pages, all kinds of stuff, and I know their reps do this crap because it's happened for the two years I had their service!

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 04 Jan 2017

Everymail Ltd

I work now for about 3 years with Everymail. First I had 3 private email addresses with them. The service is easy to use and reliable. Because I manage 7 domain names from customers and friends I decided to take a mailserver they offer. I like the system to manage all email addresses across all domains in one interface. And I like it, that the email users can manage the addresses so I do not always need to add or delete forwarders...

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017


As a medium-sized enterprise, we could neither afford dedicated server hosting nor could we survive on shared hosting service. HostSailor’s flexible VPS hosting solution was the answer. They understood our requirements and gave us a plan that perfectly suited our needs. Their scalable solution allows us to tone up or down depending on the traffic to our website.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017


I started working with Rincon, Bryan. What a godsend this guy was. Spectacular service.. friendly, explained things patiently because I do not know how to build a website... very affordable and just an all around amazing company and superb business people!! Thank you helping my restaurants grow!

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 Jan 2017


WOW -PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! They are in Philippines and it looks like they have 2 horrible people in the beisment running these servers!!!! They do not care about you or anyone else! I had to suffer over 14 years with them because I was afraid to change my domain with build SEO - links and history. I'm happy now that I ran away from them!

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016

Warpline Web Hosting

I have a couple of sites hosted with Warpline; I have never had an issue until recently when some hiccups with my blogging script of choice came up; despite it being third-party "software", Warpline tried to help in any way they could. That's more than even non-budget hosts would've done, so I'm definitely sticking with them and recommending their services.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016


My site disappeared from Anumina's servers a couple of weeks ago, for no reason. I have put in several support tickets trying to figure out why, and they refuse to respond. Avoid this host like the plague.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 08 Nov 2016

SoftSys Hosting

I used SoftSysHosting for years. Their control panel had many deficiencies and also many errors and bugs. I used to send the same error reports again and again to the SoftSysHosting, and I had to ask them to delete a file or database because control panel always crashed. Finally it turns out that SoftSysHosting is expensive and it is actually a bunch of cheap employees from Afganistan or Pakistan that only care to take your...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 08 Nov 2016


I'm fully satisfied with their service, hosting is stable with good uptime and their support is really very quick!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016


I am brand new to this. I have no technical skills and very little understanding of how web hosting worked. The 24/7 support was great and easily walked me thru initial set up. He took the time to ask about my hosting needs and guide me to the services that are perfect for my business website. I feel confident that with the patient, comprehensive support offered, I can manage my business' website.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016


I thought I'd give these budget guy a go to host a few of my budget site. First they seemed great. Then the VPS started suffering downtime and then sites started having problems with security (they had never done before). Rather than suspend an account due to security issues they took the whole VPS offline. The support was arrogant and unhelpful. AVOID.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 21 Oct 2016


We host quite a large number of sites and used to balance them through a variety of hosting solutions for various purposes. Once we started using SkyToaster, we decided to move all of them onto their hosting platform. The team is incredibly helpful, responsive and take all of the grunt work of server administration off of our plate. I highly recommend SkyToaster for their awesome support and solutions. They have helped us...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 10 Oct 2016

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